Remote Dreams (ENG)

Let's paint the neighborhoods we played outside, the streets we ran and the world we dream of. Now we can intervene in public buildings by painting them. We can even paint the wall of our house and make a colored neighborhood as we dream. We can even leave our messages and share them all on remote graffiti page. 


Write me your dreams


Dreaming is a way to escape and share and it's an expression of all emotions together. Is it necessary for the dreams to communicate with the public? Let's make dreams now, the flow of our lives is absorbed into our daily lives by creating distance from our dreams. Dreams can connect as and can provide as a kind of happiness and help as escape from everyday’s difficult reality. People dreams and technology brings us close again and creates human values to communicate. Join and dreaming using a narration pace beyond your control.  



Marina Provatidou connects with the dreamers and both create a dreaming project titled "Remote dreams". The dreamers sit on their place and narrate their dreams online. The artist asks one by one to describe their dreams and when the narration ends the dreamer starts to draw. The dreamers create a unique drawings on a paper, watch the procedure and connect with each other.

Now we can no longer touch our hands, we can no longer hug, but we can create something together.

Technology brings close to us the value of creating something together, now that distance has become part of our daily lives.

The dreamers send their drawings to artist and the artist creates a collage with the dreams. The result will be display in a facade buildings in Eindhoven and other social locations and houses.









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