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Engels theater / workshops op scholen (A CHRISTMAS CAROL & THE WAVE)

We spelen Engels theater met native professionele acteurs voor schoolpubliek, in schoolruimtes (auditorium, theater, gymzaal). 

We brengen alles mee en hebben alleen een publiek nodig! 

Workshops kunnen ook georganiseerd worden na/voor de voorstelling met onze acteurs (werken aan personages, improvisatie, uitspraak)



De voorstelling kan voor de hele school worden geboekt, er zijn geen limieten voor het aantal studenten dat naar de show kan kijken. We hebben een algemene prijs, maar we kunnen gedetailleerde offertes sturen.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

On tour in The Netherlands in November 2022

A Christmas Carol discover the performance

Charles Dickens began writing A Christmas Carol in 1843 and finished the story in time for it to be published by Christmas of the same year. The first printing of 6,000 copies sold out in one day. Two subsequent printings sold out before the end of the year. The book’s success has continued to the present day in many films and countless adaptations for the stage. Our first performance of this play was in November 1991. Since then, more than a quarter-million people in 15 countries have seen ADG- Europe's longest-running production. Our intent has been always to serve the book's message: that we should take delight in our common humanity and recognize our moral obligation to each other. In all the elements of staging, from music and lighting to costumes and set, the voice of Mr. Dickens has been our guide. As we present our 31st year of this show we welcome you to share a story that makes us laugh as it guides us to our better natures. Charles Dickens wanted to remind his readers that Christmas is an especially difficult time for those who struggle in poverty or neglect; that we who are strong should reach out to those who are weak; that we who prosper must help those who suffer. He referred to the book as his “little carol.” It became his enduring gift to the world.

Workshops can be organised - Educational Material available free of charge

Target age 11-19

The Wave inspired by Morton Rhue

On tour in The Netherlands in February and March 2023

THE WAVE Discover the performance

Morton Rhue's THE WAVE has become classic literature throughout central Europe. ​ It is based on a true story in an American high school in 1969 in which a teacher through an experiment attempted to demonstrate first-hand to the pupils how the Institution of fascism became so popular in the III-Reich. The pupils were forced to dress in a certain way, address him by his last name, come punctually to class every day and feel part of a group of equals. The former outcasts soon felt integrated into the organization. The pupils were also encouraged to recruit members of other classes into the group known as THE WAVE and soon the whole school became involved. Those not wishing to take part were chastised and even physically tormented. Within one short week, the experiment had gotten out of hand and had to be terminated. ​ Our production of this wishes to show that fascism is an evil that can and does raise its ugly head anywhere in the world. Our setting is the typical American high school of the late 1960´s replete with the music of the period - THE BEACHBOYS; THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS; PETER, PAUL, AND MARY - in which naïve, innocent pupils, most unable at first glance to pinpoint either Europe let alone Germany on a map, have their day in class. With the introduction of THE WAVE the story takes a sharp turn in another direction and suddenly becomes very serious. Our presentation is entertaining, serious, and thought-provoking. ​ This production is action-packed and is interwoven with live music sung and performed by the actors. Through constant movement and theatrical extras, the production becomes itself A WAVE with never a dull moment.

Workshops can be organised - Educational Material available free of charge

Target age: 13-19

Target age 11-19


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